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7 Things You Didn’t Know About ShockWiz


  1. It is compatible with RockShox products as well as other air sprung suspension from manufacturers such as Fox, DVO, Manitou, Marzocchi, Formula, Cane Creek and Cannondale, just to name a few.
  2. You do not need to ride with your phone. All of the data that the ShockWiz records is stored on the device and can pair to your phone after the ride.

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What happens to tire pressure during a race?

Lots of things happen during a 206 mile adventure like The Dirty Kanza that make it a must for anybody interested in two wheels. The preparation and execution require the perfect combination of emotional, physical and mechanical fortitude and the different approaches to this challenge are part of what makes the event so special.  Continue reading What happens to tire pressure during a race?

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Tire Pressure Explained

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Finding the right tire pressure involves a large number of related variables such as tire size, rim width, bike and rider weight and of course ride style and conditions.  

Perhaps the most important variable to consider is bike and rider weight.  Ultimately the tire is a spring with air pressure determining how soft (or hard) that spring is.  The more weight the spring is supporting the more air pressure will be needed to keep the spring from being in a constant state of compression and unable to absorb obstacles. 
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ShockWiz Custom Tuning Mode

On a mountain bike, suspension tuning can seem more of an art than a science. Once you start to achieve a good tune, aspects such as personal preference and how you want to use your bike become important.

The ShockWiz app offers three Tuning Styles: Balanced, Playful and Custom. When tuning mountain bike suspension, there is variance in how people like to ride and variance in different models of bikes. The Tuning Styles within the ShockWiz account for these variances.
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King of Kona’s Power Meter Count

The number of power meters used by athletes at the IRONMAN triathlon in Kona has now reached 59% of the field. These athletes know the training and devotion needed to prepare for this race and the races leading to Kona. To be their top power meter choice for 6 years running is a great honor. We strive to do our part with continuous improvements of the products and providing the service these athletes deserve.

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