About Quarq


At Quarq, our mission is to create kick-ass bicycle data systems. It’s that simple. Our goal is to make products that are robust, intuitive, cutting edge — and invisible. The clever technology is tucked deep inside. We make Quarq power meters, Qollector, ShockWiz and TyreWiz for riders who seek results. Insights. Breakthroughs. Epiphanies. New personal bests. And, increases in confidence from knowing exactly how and when to use the most important part of any bicycle. Themselves.


Never underestimate the power of a math-obsessed athlete with an innovative idea.

The very first Quarq power meter being tested at the Queensland Academy of Sport in Australia, May 2006.

Jim and Mieke Meyer, Quarq’s founders, moved to Australia in 2006 for her to work on an MBA and him to focus on triathlon. Jim wanted a power meter for training but couldn’t find one that fit his needs or budget. So, with his background in mathematics and passion for tinkering, he decided to start his own power meter company. As a result, Quarq – an intentional misspelling of the word quark, which is a fast-moving subatomic particle – was founded.

The next year Quarq established its factory in Jim’s hometown of Spearfish, S.D., and demonstrated prototype power meters at the InterBike trade show in Las Vegas. In June 2008, the company shipped its first power meter.

Fast forward to May 2011, when Jim and Mieke officially signed the papers that would make Quarq part of SRAM LLC. When the pen was lifted, Jim reached into his backpack and handed over a previously secret power meter prototype that was a complete departure from previous designs. SRAM’s expertise in drivetrain engineering helped deliver the groundbreaking SRAM RED Quarq Power Meter, which remains the first and only power meter in a groupset.

Read Jim Meyer’s profile from the SRAM 25th Anniversary Milestone Book, published in 2012 (PDF, 25KB).

Today, Quarq designs and manufactures data and digital technology products for cyclists in every discipline and at all levels of expertise and experience.

Quarq’s latest power meter platform, DZero, is packed with 10 years of development and 150 documented iterations. As Jim Meyer says, “DZero is everything we know how to do in a power meter, done all at once.” DZero is named after the DZero detector, which involves an intense search for subatomic clues that could reveal the building blocks of the universe. It’s one of the world’s most sensitive and accurate devices — just like Quarq Power Meters.

Qollector captures GPS and ANT+ data such as power, heart rate, gear selection, altitude, location and speed, and transmits it live over cell networks. The companion web platforms, QuarqNet and QuarqRace, share tracking and metrics to smartphones, tablets and computers. Qollector was introduced at the 2015 IRONMAN® World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI. and fans around the world logged on to see the drama of competition unfold in real time. In 2016, Qollector tracked under-21, masters and professional racers in mountain biking’s Enduro World Series.

The automated suspension tuning device, ShockWiz, was a Kickstarter project acquired by SRAM in 2016 and brought to life by Quarq. ShockWiz combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app and evaluates air-sprung suspension performance 100 times-a-second while you ride. Pinkbike’s Mike Kazimer said of ShockWiz, “It’s easy to see how the ShockWiz could become an invaluable tool…simplifying a process that to many seems like a dark art.”

In future, Quarq will continue to refine its fast-track pipeline for new products and ideas from the creative minds of bicycling technology — connecting bicycling’s most talented innovators with the sport’s early adopters.