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7 Things You Didn’t Know About ShockWiz


  1. It is compatible with RockShox products as well as other air sprung suspension from manufacturers such as Fox, DVO, Manitou, Marzocchi, Formula, Cane Creek and Cannondale, just to name a few.
  2. You do not need to ride with your phone. All of the data that the ShockWiz records is stored on the device and can pair to your phone after the ride.

  1. ShockWiz will give you both a static and dynamic sag figure, so you can make initial set-up a breeze. Just calibrate the device, jump on and dial in the air pressure to get the manufacturer recommended sag.
  2. ShockWiz has 15 different tuning styles to choose from. This allows you to tune your suspension for a specific feel. i.e. if you know you like your fork to feel very poppy, you can select a poppier tune.
  3. The suggestions you receive after the ride can be re-calculated for different tunes. This is a great chance to go into the custom tunes and see how each different tune would affect your suggestions. You can always swap back to your original tuning style and the existing data will be re-calculated again.
  4. ShockWiz will make recommendations on 6 different suspension adjustments: Air Pressure, Air Spring Ramp (i.e. number of tokens), High/Low Speed Compression and High/Low speed Rebound.
  5. ShockWiz is IP67 water and dust proof rated. It has been tested extensively in rain, muck, slop, snow, dust and everything in between.